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my icons rock, ay

mine -- that's just me, geeking around :-p


mine - this ugly icon is of my eye :-p


mine - kind of ugly as well :-/

mine - also my aim icon :-p

mine - aida is amazing

mine - the infamed "blinking star titty" icon

laizeohbeets made this one :D

mine - hanson in the bg, hanson lyrics

mine - another ugly one

mine, but the moving picture was capped and resized by waenweth and later deconstructed and fiddled with by myself :D

mine - adrien brody is AMAZING...even more amazing than aida :x
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hmm.. I don't know.
I mean...
michael jackson? he's SO not hot...

;) Love you, babe. How about a.. *thinks long and hard* YES!!!
(opinion based upon the fact you still HAVE that star titty icon, moulin rouge rocks, hanson rocks, and you use my animation in your icon ;)
yes darlin, if only for the fact that you're still using my jack/liz icon. ;)
it's "eh". :)
Ya i was about to say that too.. its not "ay" its "eh"..