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we like hot icons

not sucky ones

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Are your icons hot? Now come on. Are they really?

This community is a team designed to rate icons. Not an I_contest, persay. Your own icons. It's basically in the style of the "are you hot" type of communities, BUT your icons are being rated, not your looks or your personality.

Read the rules, and follow them!

1. Your icons must be credited in your keywords. If they are not credited, YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
2. If you have more than 3 icons submitted, put them behind the cut.
3. They do not have to be up for grabs. They can just be used for bragging rights.
4. No stealing of other people's icons. This is imperative.
5. You will use your own icons from your profile. Don't use random icons you made or gacked that you aren't using on your livejournal
6. In the subject line, to prove you read the rules, you must put my icons rock in the subject line. You will not be voted on unless you do.
7. You MUST be able to take rejection lightly. The mods do NOT put up with temper tantrums due to a simple "No" response.
8. You MUST not be an asshole about rejecting. Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated, however, "Your icons SUCK, *insert expeletive here*" will NOT be tolerated.
9.you must post your application within two days of applying. if you do not, you will be deleted.

Your moderators are laizeohbeets, waenweth, makethegrade, and unearthingbone Please treat them with respect.

The moderators of this community reserve the right to block you from this community and/or delete posts which we find offensive or just plain irritating. If you any issues with this, make your own community and make your own rules. If you HONESTLY think there was a mistake, please consult one of the aforementioned moderators and we'll get back to you. You know when you've been an asshole. Don't bother us with flames because we called you out on it and booted you.

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